Welcome on the contact platform for the RIMAR-BAC Bioinformatics, Analytics, Computing and data management facility for SZN Anton Dohrn.
You can open a request ticket here
You can contact BAC to access facilities, services and support.
BAC can be involved upon requests in projects/activities for long term and/or collaborative effort.
You can define with BAC ”special project” agreements.
Details and instructions are here reported.

If you are part of the SZN scientific community you can send your request by:
ticketing at with the same credentials you use for intranet site.
In case of problems with the credentials, you can contact SIST at
You can track the status of your tickets following this link

External users should contact AND the responsible () to send their request.

Select the type of ticket by choosing one of the 4 categories of activities, i.e.:

  • Service: request service for a specific analysis, procedure or activity. Costs are institutionally defined and applied to the services. Actions and Data interpretation are defined by the user. Acknowledgments are expected.
  • Support: technical help like solving of bugs/errors related to activities on our facilities; software installation; requests of training or educational activities. Costs are institutionally defined and depends on the activity.
  • Access to resources: access to HPC resources, or to those platforms implemented or managed by BAC that require a restricted access. Costs are institutionally defined.
  • Collaboration: scientific or technical collaboration. Action and goals plans must be agreed. Actions and Data interpretations are under the responsibility of BAC. Costs for activities are from BAC. Acknowledgments and efforts recognition are defined by agreements.

Details, instructions and costs are here reported.